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Identify Potential Leads For Online and Offline Events with Targeted Attendee Mailing Lists.

From Appending to Nurturing to Qualifying- We Provide Pre and Post Event Marketing Services.

42 Million Datasets- 99% Winning Deals that Fit the Right Profile.

Integrated Marketing- Power Your B2B Event With Efficient Attendee Lists. Learn who is attending and be equipped with a strategy to influence

Event Attendee Mailing Lists

Target your audience across geographies

Build lists by state, county, city, SCF, Zip codes. Connect with your target audience based on your geographical preference.

Mailing lists based on attendee Demographic

Demographics allows business to determine prospects details. Discover who your most valuable customers’ are. Reach out to the right customers not only for new sales but also invite repeat customers. With targeted attendee lists confirm bookings and appointments for your B2B events like never before.

Append attendee mailing lists

We offer appending services with follow-up for mailing lists. Append email lists, telephone lists and postal lists. Both, offline and online events have these features enabled to build a robust business.

How Does It Work?

Events B2B are providers of comprehensive data-driven marketing solutions for all your B2B event related needs. A one-stop resource depository for all your specialty and compiled attendee mailing lists – be it offline or online events. We cover large number of event formats and offer customized business solutions. Contacts are built with cohesive coverage for numerous industries. The highlight of our mailing lists is that data fields are included for every record. Not only this, but you can also opt for custom-built mailing lists or partial lists for small-scale marketing campaigns.

Advantage with Events B2B

An attendee list is the backbone of an event, be it participation, organizing or sales. With an attendee list, you can efficiently and meticulously plan your event. Being aware of the expected attendee numbers also helps you influence other potential prospects to register.. At Events B2B we regularly update and cleanse our databases. With us as your B2B event partner be rest assured of receiving 100% verified, detailed attendee mailing lists to boost your business returns and grab the competitive edge.

Your Benefits

  • Safe and secure contact information
  • Easily accessible mailing lists
  • Unique records to manage end-to-end event activities

Our Services

Online Events

Revive your business with Events B2B's data for all your online events.

With the upsurge of digital business, online events are getting more popular by the day. These are cost effective and have a much wider reach than physical events .

Events B2B helps businesses connect to target attendees through a web interface by providing exclusive databases that fit their requirements. Find mailing lists that resonate with your business and promote your event in the best online format.

The various types of online events include:


With our industry specific attendee lists, businesses can conduct comprehensive webinars- comprising of workshops, presentations, sales and marketing discussions that are delivered through web interactions. Essentially, these take place in real-time and are the best sources of online discussions. With an interactive interface, provide information that you want to be sent-out to your potential leads.

Virtual Events

By creating a virtual environment customers and vendors gather at a common web-based marketplace. Moreover, a virtual event is as good as a physical market. Get attendee lists of potential leads, like-minded professionals who would be interested in your virtual event. Events B2B provides users with seamless data-driven services that assures long-term success.

Live Streaming Events

Live streaming events are the new fad and are also the most convincing form of online event marketing for any user. Most business clients come-in through live events. We help you by providing the best quality prospect mailing lists for live events, whereby you can reach out to potential customers by using many live streaming applications that only require a simple webcam to stream viewers. Stream, record, and engage your audience with advanced chat and social media functionality. This helps build audience base and focus on generating results.

Offline Events

With Events B2B, get a jumpstart on all offline events with data backed integration to attract the right buyers for your business.

Offline events have major advantages- being cost effective, your reach is not bound to geographic limits and you know whether an attendee is interested in your product or service a lot more than just a curious visit at your booth at a trade show.

Connect to your audience directly, unhinged and straight forward with 100% verified, clean and hygienic mailing lists. With Event B2B’s extensive attendee mailing list you get data segmentation and prospect mapping information to precisely target customers.


Being a pro in tradeshow marketing, we are your go-to experts for data-marketing solutions. Businesses gather to display and advertise their services to prospects/customers from varied industries. As it is a physical gathering, exchange of ideas, networking and interacting with the audience is a norm. We provide you with updated data-driven mailing lists that would help you connect with the right prospects and eventually convert these prospects into actual sales.


Attendees from various companies or even the same company assemble to hold discussions on specific topics like reports, marketing events, product launches or even educational purposes. We help businesses with pre and post conference requirements that take stock of attendees and impart specific and relatable information.


Events B2B have customized mailing lists that would help organize small scale events like seminars, which are compact versions of a conference. These are essentially smaller meetings where experts share their knowledge and information with the audience. Find exclusive access to databases for small scale events with specific tailor-made plans.

Breakfasts and Meet-ups

We at Events B2B focus entirely on our customers/prospects and generating the maximum number of appointments for them. These events are specifically targeted to smaller groups of people. Find exclusive data for networking, one-to-one discussions and marketing strategies for such intimate events.

Data Source

Our Model base Attendee list is built based on our innovative attendee tracking platform, Attendbase, which monitors public social stream data around events and conferences globally, analyzes, normalizes, de-dupes and delivers a curated list of attendees to a conference or event. It's the only solution to accurately identify conference and event attendees for targeted post-event marketing.

Here are some of the feature of Attendbase

  • Get to know your most valuable attendees
  • Monitoring feature enables organizers to track attendance, sales and trends in real time
  • Allows for searching and filtering of all event attendees
  • Links to social media accounts
  • Sends targeted messages and invitations

Convert Traffic into Revenue

Every event is unique, so is the industry it caters to. This brings us to the big question of how to approach them effectively to generate desirable results. A multi-stage progressive plan is customized and consolidated that meets every aspect at various stages of your event. With comprehensive attendee mailing lists, businesses can view target prospects and select the proficient demographics to provide users with accurate and updated information.

From inception to execution to post event marketing, we have it all covered!


Metrics that Matter

All this of no consequence if we do not have the proper metrics to measure all the processes. We have that covered too!

Our Strategy

Maximize customer reach with our personalized database marketing strategies. Assess which growth option best suits your business size and goals - To choose the best strategy for growth, run a thorough analysis of your marketing campaigns and budget.

Time and again Email has proven to be one of the most popular techniques used by B2B marketers. Our strategy follows the same path. With our updated attendee mailing list for events targeted to industry specific audience, email engagement is the number one solution to reach out to your prospects globally.

The marketing strategies we apply include:

  • DB Emails
  • Nurturing
  • Follow-up

Equip your business with high quality content. It is the backbone of any event service. Content plays an extremely strong role in B2B marketing. Here are some efficient solutions that we provide to make your events simple and effective.

  • eBook
  • Cheatsheet
  • Datasheet
  • Blog Post
  • PR

At Events B2B be ensured that every event marketing activity for your business progress has a profitable plan of action to define outline and ensure integration of all the interlinked marketing activities. Here are a few techniques we follow to ensure your event is a success.

  • Webinars
  • Sponsorship
  • In-Person Events

With a step-by-step mapping and strategy methodology, we ensure that your event will generate the required results. We provide marketing campaigns that will engage the audience and convert them into actual sales. Here are a few techniques we follow to ensure that your event is a success.

  • Social
  • PPC Campaign
  • Paid Email Campaign
  • Direct Email
  • Tele-Calling

Who We Are

We understand events and also understand that there is no magic wand!

With a focused approach, a solid game plan and a multi stage strategy, we have learned to generate results for various industries across the globe. We comprise of an in-house team of experts having over 13 years of experience in handling some of the largest trade shows in the US and Europe, we have also converted tradeshows into thriving business destinations. With over 42 million datasets consisting of diversified Industries lists and a 100% multi-level verification process, be assured to achieve your business goals.

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